A Good Phone Voice Can Make Money


If you think that you have a good and polite voice, then try looking for jobs that involve speaking. Yes there are such things and they can be done from home. You can look for a narrative job or even a radio job or even better a telephone answering service.

A Small Investment to Record Your Voice

It may sound strange but there are such jobs and they can all be done from home, giving you a pleasantly secure income all from the comfort of your own home. Very little effort is needed and also very little investment. I have seen many jobs advertised that are looking for people to do recordings from home, reading simple scripts and then sending them in to the studio. This reduces the costs to the employer but provides all the benefits to the employee.

Answering Services

Voice recordings are a relatively small market compared with the constantly growing market looking for people to answer phones and provide simple information to callers or just transfer them to the necessary call information centers. Often companies set up remote answer service centers, again to reduce costs. But this is also beneficial for the employee. It can be done part time from home and all that you would need is a fast speed internet connection with the correct phone connections as stipulated by each employer.

Market Research or Commission Calling

Another great way to use your polite phone voice is of course by becoming a market researcher. Here you can make the calls from the comfort of your own home and get paid for the call and a commission for any achievements you make. Aside from market researchers there are also telesales and charity workers that can work from home using a secure line.

Each one of these is worth exploring if you think you have a good phone voice and have the time to give it at home. These sorts of jobs can be very rewarding financially as well as feeling good about yourself.


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